Saturday, February 17, 2007

Button Art Dolls

These are two ATC Art Dolls that I made for my ATC Art Dolls group February swap.

The one on the left is "The Button Fairy" - her body, wings and limbs are made from a doll template, and the stripes have been coloured with Sharpies. I used "feather" wool for her hair.

The one on the right is "The King of Buttons" - I used a stamp that I bought from Glamour Girl Stamps, and punched out a head from a playing card. The crown has been embossed gold, and cut out. He was fun to make - what do you think of his 'belly button' ?

My Prince

I made this collage for Valentines Day for DH. Another round cane base, with painted outer rim, and map paper background. The star is a Rusty Tin shape, and I used alphabet beads threaded onto a safety pin. The wooden beads at the bottom have been threaded onto hemp fibre.

I'm really enjoying making these - they are fun, and don't take a lot of time to put together - mind you, I seem to spend MORE time searching for the right embellishments than I do actually putting them on !! LOL

And now I think I'll stop making them for a little while, and make some ATC and PAPER Art Dolls for a change. Don't want to get bored !

Thursday, February 15, 2007

More round collages

Two more collages that I made this week. The one on the left is for Februarys monthly NZ Mail
challenge - "Fairies at the bottom of my garden". Patterned paper for the background, and the wings, and hand-drawn flowers with micro bead centres. The face is a moon stamp (the same one that I used for the collage on the right), I used my 1" punch so that I would get just the face without the shadow.

The collage on the right is smaller. I used old map paper for the background - picked up from our local recycle centre shop - hand-drew the flowers, and attached a bee button on the edge. I love the pre-drilled holes - the beads 'n' threads were SOOOOOO easy to attach.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

King of the World - collage

This collage was done on a round wooden base. I painted the outer rim with Papier paint, covered the front with scrapbooking paper (yes, again!), and the picture is a stamp that I used at WendyP Crafts. The buttons are from my (very large) button stash.

The holes were already in the base - the bases were made for making cane baskets, and are perfect for mini collages. I have a lot of them, and was going to give them away - not likely now!!

This was fun!! I think I'll make some more tomorrow!

Monday, February 5, 2007

A walk in the Park

A walk in the Park:

This was inspired by Claudine Hellmuth - I love her Poppets. I hand-drew the templates for the dress, the birds, and the tree. I also drew the bird in the cage, her legs and the flowers. The arms are from my doll template.

The background is scrapbooking paper - this is soooooooo useful !!! lol

I may have to keep this one - or maybe I'll give it away, and keep on making them !

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Music is the language of love

Art Dolls - I love 'em !!! They are one of the most enjoyable and satisfying things to create. This one was made for ATC-Art Dolls January swap - the theme was hearts. The template for this doll is in the group files, along with quite a few other interesting ones.

I used music scrapbooking paper backed with card for the body & limbs, her hair is "feather" wool, and her dress is tulle. I couldn't find a face that I wanted to use, so I just glued on the word "eyes", which I think suited her very well.

This was heaps of fun, and I'm very happy with how she turned out - can't wait to do this months doll !!! LOL