Saturday, January 26, 2008

Healing Doll

This doll was made for an ATC Art Doll challenge - "Goddess/Muse" was the theme. I drew the template, and offered it to the group to use - quite a few of them did, and others came up with their own pattern.

I made this as a "Healing doll" - her pink ribbon is for breast cancer awareness, and the bear is for victim support. The words on her tail are Love, Peace & Hope - three things that we must all have in our lives.

When she was finished I realised that I couldn't give her away, so I made a different doll for the challenge winner - and now this one is on my desk in my studio, watching over me.

If anyone would like the template for this doll it can be found in my Photobucket pictures, along with a few others - feel free to use them.


Jo Anne O. said...

Hi Lynette! I love this one!!! I hope to be back trading soon...just have a ton of stuff going on and I never seem to have time!!

Katherine R. Willson said...

What a beautiful paper doll, and how very generous of you to share your templates with us. Thanks so much! :)
Katherine R. Willson
(Ann Arbor, MI)

pebbles_fashion said...

Hi Lynette,
Your blog is very famos an nice.

I missed you and your notes.
Britta from Germany