Saturday, February 16, 2008

Red and Gold fabric ATCs

I made these for a combined swap with NZ Fabs and ATC-WDU - the theme was "Red and Gold" - what a fun colour combo!! I bought the Christmas fabric from Brenda's Craft Cupboard coz I couldn't resist it - and I have heaps left for making this years fabric ATCs - yayy!! Which I will get onto early, so I can send out some RAKs this Christmas. The ATCs that I received in this swap were amazing - if you want to have a look at everybody's cards check out my Photobucket pics.


Sandi said...

I've just tagged you. Please list 7 weird and random things about yourself. Then link back to VictorianGypsy and tag 7 more blog friends. Hope you'll play!

Iowa Sunshine said...

I absolutely love the stocking and the stars! These are so cute. If i knew how to make them i'd trade you for a stocking. =) I just love what you make. You are so creative! HUGS