Monday, January 31, 2011

Inchies - Eclectic & Powerful

Every Inchie Monday

While I was checking out a comm on another group, I found this blog. If you like Inchies, check it out. They're doing an Inchie Word of the Week challenge. What a great idea - this is something that I'm definitely going to do.
And check out the comm too - - for a chance to win some pre-drilled wood blanks to mount your inchies on!

"Eclectic" ... great theme! I had so much fun with these - the wobbly eyes were sitting on my worktable, from a previous project - so I knew that I just HAD to use them! I'll have to keep them tho, coz I could I separate them? lol
"Powerful". I think this speaks for itself. A Tiki, the colour green, and the word New Zealand - a powerful combination to describe my country. I'm proud to be descended from NZ Maori, and I'm extremely lucky to be living in our clean green land.

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